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2009 Water

Green Communities Canada in cooperation with various municipalities in Ontario

Well Aware

The Well Aware program supports and encourages well stewardship among private well owners. Spearheaded by Green Communities Canada (GCC) and its non-profit member organizations, the program partners with municipal governments and groups in communities across Ontario.

The program builds awareness among rural residents about the best way to install and manage wells to ensure safe drinking water. Educational materials are developed at the provincial level and delivered by peer well owners at the local level. This process is considered five times more likely to lead to action than if well owners simply attend an event, and 50 per cent of well owners are expected to upgrade their wells as a result of the program.

Operating since 2002, Well Aware increases a community’s capacity to address threats to groundwater quality. By helping to protect wells, the program also allows municipalities to postpone the expansion of existing municipal water and wastewater systems or the development of new systems.


Page Updated: 21/12/2015