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2012 Energy - Co-winner 2

City of Montréal, Quebec

A Space for Life — Energy Efficiency Program


To optimize energy consumption for the city's Insectarium, Botanical Garden and Biodôme by replacing obsolete facilities and using renewable energy sources.


This project has helped the three institutions reduce their combined energy use by 40% and their GHG emissions by 37%. The city replaced approximately $2 million in outdated equipment and will recoup this investment through the cumulative energy cost savings over about five years. Since 1994, GHG emissions for the three organizations have decreased by 48%.


  • The GHG reduction is equivalent to taking 766 vehicles off the road.
  • Natural gas consumption has been reduced by 21%, chilled water by 100% and steam by 100%.
  • The project has saved $1.3 million in energy costs.
  • Educational panels on energy efficiency raise awareness with the Biodôme's 750,000 annual visitors.

 This project received funding from FCM's Green Municipal Fund.


Page Updated: 21/12/2015