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2012 Transportation - Co-winner 1

City of Waterloo, Ontario

Davenport Road Multi-Use Corridor Improvement


To address traffic safety issues, reduce road maintenance costs and promote healthy, active living in the community.


Largely completed in 2011, the upgrade helped to lower traffic speeds by reducing Davenport Road from four lanes to two, with dedicated turn lanes and landscaped islands. Once a barrier between two residential communities and adjacent commercial areas, the street now connects neighbourhoods and encourages active transportation by cyclists, pedestrians and wheelchair and transit users. The project introduced the first-ever bike box and bike lay-bys in the Waterloo region.


  • A 10% reduction in paved surface will cut salt use in winter and increase stormwater infiltration year-round.
  • Narrowing the road will save taxpayers about $100,000 in future resurfacing costs.
  • Durable paint markings will save the city about $25,000 over six to eight years.
  • 300 new trees will provide shade and absorb almost 7,000 kilograms of CO2 annually.


Page Updated: 21/12/2015