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2012 Water

City of Cranbrook, British Columbia

Wastewater Improvement Project


To update the city's wastewater treatment system, increase capacity and use water in the most efficient way possible.


The city increased the quality of its treated effluent and decreased its energy consumption and GHG emissions by installing more efficient pumps and introducing computer-controlled, low-pressure spray nozzle technologies and fine bubble air diffuser aeration in treatment lagoons. By recycling wastewater, the project supports ranching and agriculture by providing valuable forage land in the region's semi-arid conditions, and also provides important wildlife habitat.


  • The city expects to reduce its energy use by over 700,000 Kw/hr and its GHG emissions by 75%.
  • The system's life has been extended by more than 20 years.
  • Wastewater capacity has been increased to serve a maximum population of 36,500.
  • Annual operating costs are about $260,000 — less than half the cost of mechanical sewage treatment.

This project received support from FCM's Green Municipal Fund.


Page Updated: 21/12/2015