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2013 Transportation Category ― Co-winner 2

City of Toronto, Ontario, and the Toronto Transit Commission

Creating a Better Victoria Park Terminal

Population: 2.48 million 
Project duration: 2009‒2011
Total project value: $45 million

Every day, more than 25,000 people use the Victoria Park terminal to make their bus or subway connections. The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) upgraded this large and aging terminal to make it environmentally friendly, accessible to all users, and in tune with the local community's unique character.

The new terminal replaced a rooftop bus bay. It has space for six buses at street level and includes public art, new wall finishes, refurbished floors, better signs and more lighting. The TTC hopes the more pleasant space will attract more riders — and more riders means fewer cars on the city's streets.

Other features of this award-winning project include new bicycle lanes on Victoria Park Avenue, traffic lights to help pedestrians cross the busy street, and bike storage spaces in the terminal. Now, people who live in high-rise apartments in this low-income community can look down to see the terminal's green roof — one of the city's largest.





  • 5,000-square-metre green roof covers subway, concourse, and bus canopies
  • Green roof diverts and filters rain water; cools station in summer
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Accessibility of new terminal lessens need for costly Wheel-Trans service offered by TTC
  • Anticipated decline in vandalism and graffiti due to community pride in the new terminal 
  • Public art enhances the space


  • It was a challenge to maintain smooth transit operations for more than two years during demolition and construction.
  • Scheduling work at night and during off-peak transit hours meant keeping residents of nearby high-rise apartments informed about noise during those hours.
  • The public needed to know, at all times, how to safely enter and exit the building through its five entrances during construction.

Lessons learned

  • Work with the community and keep the local residents well informed.
  • Creating a website and keeping it current, and using flyers and email alerts are crucial parts of an information campaign.
  • Learn from your success. The success of this project will guide the TTC through future upgrades. 

Partners and collaboration


Page Updated: 27/04/2018