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Webinar: Funding Opportunities with FCM’s Green Municipal Fund

Part 1 of 2 in FCM’s webinar series on the renewed Green Municipal Fund (GMF) offer

Monday, May 11, 2015

Session summary

FCM launched a renewed GMF funding offer on April 1, 2015, to respond to evolving municipal sustainability needs and priorities.

Are you researching funding options for environmental projects in your community? Interested in learning more about GMF program offerings? Would you like to better understand the types of initiatives that are eligible for funding? Learn how GMF can help you obtain grants and loans for your projects!

Join this webinar to hear from GMF regional advisor, Rachel Deslauriers, and GMF corporate lending manager, Jean Daniel, for a dynamic discussion on funding opportunities. They will explain how GMF can support a range of municipal sustainability initiatives, including plans, feasibility studies, pilot projects and capital projects.

A French webinar was held on May 14, 2015. Stay tuned for Part 2 our webinar series, which will focus on the GMF application process.

Part 2 our webinar series, which will focus on the GMF application process, will be held on May 27.


  • Rachel Deslauriers, GMF Regional Advisor, FCM's Green Municipal Fund
  • Jean Daniel, Manager, Corporate Lending, FCM's Green Municipal Fund


Recording of the May 11th webinar

Recording of the May 12th webinar

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