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2016 Sustainable Communities Conference and Trade Show: Post-Conference Resources

Workshop: Turning Social Capital into Sustainability Success

Wednesday, February 10, 10:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Session summary

Presented by FCM's Green Municipal Fund

Can faith-based communities help in resilience to extreme weather? Can a sharing economy reduce eco-footprints and increase access to services? How does the way we build cities and share public spaces allow more people to contribute to public life? Municipalities around the world are building sustainability and resilience by plugging into social capital (social capital = people + relationships). Learn how local governments can better harness the power of putting people at the forefront of planning, design and development to help meet environmental goals at lower cost and create social connections.


  • Milton Friesen; Program Director and Senior Fellow, Social Cities; Cardus


  • Emily Munroe; Executive Director, 8 80 cities
  • Rosemary Cooper; Senior Associate, One Earth
  • Dick van Veen; Senior Consultant, Mobycon
  • Lucy Cummings; Executive Director, Faith and the Common Good


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