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Webinar: Set your Sites on Creative Communities

The Role of Abandoned Sites in Stimulating Economic Development and Community Regeneration

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Session summary

Does your municipality have abandoned industrial or commercial sites? Are you looking for new ways to transform these sites into economic development opportunities? Remnants of Canada's industrial past are sitting idle in many Canadian communities. This webinar is an opportunity to learn about unlocking their potential to revitalize neighbourhoods in decline.

The Creative City Network of Canada is an organization employed by municipalities across Canada working on arts, culture and heritage policy, planning, development and support. Learn how concepts of cultural sustainability are being applied by using arts and culture to stimulate community revitalization in communities across Canada.

The Niagara Economic Development Corporation has spearheaded a number of redevelopment projects in the Niagara region and is a leader in smart growth. Through partnerships with local communities, elected officials and the development community they have been successful in leveraging millions in private sector investment. Their approach to partnership development is complemented by community engagement initiatives that encourage local stakeholders to re-think their city given the rise of Richard Florida's "Creative Class".




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