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Webinar: Canada’s First LEED Transit Operations Centre

Part 5 of GMF's new Innovation Webinar Series

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Session summary

Saint John Transit's new Operations Centre is the first LEED® Silver transit building in Canada. Designed to be approximately 45% more energy-efficient than a similar reference building, the centre features increased building envelope insulation and energy-efficient windows, efficient lighting, heat-recovery ventilation, in-floor radiant heating and efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. The building also boasts Atlantic Canada's first solar wall system and has a 100,000-litre underground storage system to hold rainwater channelled from the building's roof for use in washing buses. Through these measures, the building has surpassed its initial energy savings goal of 45%, and the city is now forecasting a 65% total energy reduction by 2012. The project contributed substantially to the city's Municipal Energy Efficiency Program, which aims to reduce operational energy consumption.

Speakers highlighted the project's innovative features and environmental benefits, the factors that helped them to integrate sustainability and environmental innovation into the project, as well as the challenges they have encountered along the way and how they were overcome.




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