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Corporate Structures for Regional Solid Waste Management

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

2:00-3:00 p.m. EDT

(Delivered in French)

Session summary

This webinar looks at the options for applying corporate structures to regional solid waste management. With increasing efforts to improve solid waste management and encourage a regional approach to solid waste management in Canada, multiple First Nations and municipalities are coming together to cooperate. Where multiple parties are involved, additional options for structuring the business relationship may be required.


Hank Hildebrand - SWAMP

Hank is a Councillor for the City of Morden, and represents the City on the MTSW Planning District and SWAMP Regional landfill.

Wendy MacLennan - Evergreen Environmental Technologies

Wendy MacLennan has been employed as scale operator administrator with Evergreen Environmental Technologies Corporation since 2007, helping evolve the Corporation into the environmentally managed landfill it is today.

Francis Veilleux - Bluewater Recycling Association

Francis is the President of Bluewater Recycling Association. He has led the development, costing and optimization of recycling and waste management programs in dozens of municipalities.


Corporate Structures

SWAMP - Solid Waste Area Management Project

Evergreen Environment Technologies Corporation

The Bluewater Model - Joint Service Partnership Agreement


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