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Municipal Performance Measurement: Polish Study Mission

May 22-27, 2011 (Poznan, Dzierzoniow and Krakow)

Session summary

To support the development of the system for measuring municipal performance statistics in Ukraine, under the MLED-AUC partnership, the FCM arranged a study tour to Poland on May 22-27, 2011. The delegation included the members of a recently formed working group on implementing the Municipal Performance Statistics System (MPSS) at the AUC, MLED project experts, the delegates from Ukrainian partner cities and Canadian experts on municipal performance measurement.

The visit was organized to learn about the system of measurement and comparative analysis of performance of local communities, which is administered by the Association of Polish Cities, and explore ways to use this system for evidence-based decision-making, capacity building of local communities and to encourage more efficient and effective local services.

The meetings were organized by the Association of Polish Cities while visiting three Polish cities: Poznan, Dzierzoniow and Krakow. In addition to dialogue with their Polish counterpart, the Ukrainian delegation studied various issues associated with local community performance measurement, including institutional arrangements, technical systems, user networks, regular monitoring, etc.


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