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Webinar: Getting Your Hands Dirty

Planning and Implementing Your Municipal Waste Audit

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Session summary

Waste audits are a useful tool for municipalities to understand, evaluate and plan their waste management systems. Whether you want to establish a baseline, identify new strategies or measure their impact, a waste audit can provide valuable information on the generation, composition and diversion of waste in your municipality. But what data should you collect, and how should you collect it? Will information from your waste audit be comparable to those of other municipalities? How can you build on your results?

This webinar will provide an introduction to planning and implementing municipal waste audits. John Dixie will present Stewardship Ontario's framework for collecting municipal waste data, and share key trends identified through a three-year study of Ontario municipalities. Larry Freiburger will walk through the steps of a waste audit, whether you are conducting your own or working with a consultant. Ken Quackenbush and Lori Rissling-Wynn will share Jasper's experience conducting a waste audit and how they have been able to use their results.

After this hour and a half, you will be better prepared to get your hands dirty!




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