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Webinar: Getting to 50 percent and Beyond

Municipal Waste Diversion in Québec

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

(Delivered in French)

Session summary

"Zero waste" is gaining ground as a long-term goal for waste management, but it doesn't happen overnight. With all of the waste diversion policies, technologies, and programs out there, what is the right mix for your community? How can you take your waste diversion efforts to the next level, and which step will give you the biggest bang for your municipal buck?

This webinar will examine these questions from a Québec perspective. The City of Victoriaville is diverting over 50 per cent of its waste from landfill. Find out what has worked for the city - and what hasn't - with a focus on factors such as location, size, public policy, infrastructure, and civic engagement.

The Government of Québec recently announced a significant investment in the recovery of organic residuals through a five-year Residuals Waste Management Policy Plan. Learn more about this program and the funding opportunities available to Québec municipalities to increase their waste diversion.




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