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Webinar: Slowing the Flow

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Session summary

Is your municipality challenged by the costs of upgrading and expanding stormwater infrastructure? Are you concerned about the impacts of conventional stormwater management on water quality and watershed health? Low-impact development (LID) is an innovative stormwater management approach that models nature, integrating design techniques to infiltrate, filter, and store runoff at the lot level. By managing rainfall close to its source, LID can enhance the local environment, protect public health, and improve community livability — all while saving local governments and developers money.

Jeff Walker will provide an overview of municipal-level LID approaches to stormwater management, and will preview upcoming LID training courses offered by the Canadian Standards Association through its Municipal Infrastructure Solutions Program. Paul Fesko will present the City of Calgary's experience with LID, discussing the regulatory framework, challenges, benefits and lessons learned.




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