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Adaptation Resources

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Municipalities already deal with natural seasonal variations in climate, and can build upon this experience to manage the potential impact of climate change. It will be important to test new approaches to emerging climate-change challenges, drawing lessons from both successes and failures in order to develop long-term strategies adapted to local needs.

Incorporating adaptation will require municipalities to adjust their activities, thinking and decision-making in response to observed or anticipated changes in climate. This will allow communities to minimize potential harm, while also taking advantage of new opportunities.

Leading Canadian resources have developed a variety of resources that may assist municipalities in understanding adaptation, assessing potential challenges, and planning and responding to climate change.

  • Local Governments and Adaptation

    Local Governments and Adaptation

    As climate variability increases, it will become necessary to understand what the impact might be, along with the resultant challenges. These resources are a good place to start in addressing various aspects of adaptation, from a local government perspective.
  • Local Government Adaptation Strategies

    Local Government Adaptation Strategies

    These selected adaptation strategies have been developed by local governments to plan for and respond to changes in climate.
  • Adaptation Planning Guides

    Adaptation Planning Guides

    These adaptation planning tools guide users from the risk-assessment stage through the identification and implementation of adaptation responses.
  • Risk Management and Assessment

    Risk Management and Assessment

    This collection of resources provides local governments with a range of tools and techniques designed to help them analyze risks related to climate change, develop an assessment of vulnerable areas, and prepare risk-management approaches.
  • Climate Scenarios and Projections

    Climate Scenarios and Projections

    This selection of resources features information on historical and future climate trends for major climate variables, as well as information on how to conduct an analysis of past and future climate scenarios.
  • Case Studies

    Case Studies

    These case studies address some of the major climate-change challenges facing Canadian communities. These include depletion of water resources, coastal erosion due to higher sea levels, and thawing permafrost.
Page Updated: 05/10/2017