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Local Government Adaptation Strategies

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    Saanich Climate Change Adaptation Plan

    This Plan is the third of three municipal plans which work together to reduce emissions and adapt to climate change. The first step was the completion of the Official Community Plan and the second was the completion of the Climate Action Plan. They lay the foundation and contains strategies for community and municipal climate action to 2020 and beyond. The final step was the development of this Climate Change Adaptation Plan that will prepare the community and operations for the anticipated climate changes in the district. While the Official Community Plan provides overall guidance for community development, and climate related policies are implemented through the two climate action plans, all three of these plans are needed to properly respond to this challenge and provide a longlasting foundation for climate change resiliency in the municipality.
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    Whitehorse Climate Change Adaptation Plan

    The Whitehorse Community Adaptation Project, or WhiteCAP, begins the process of preparing Whitehorse for climate change. WhiteCAP consists of two distinct phases: planning and implementation. The WhiteCAP plan assesses how climate change may positively or negatively affect the community over the next forty years, to 2050. The first half of the planning process focuses on exploring multiple scenarios of how the community may change by 2050. The second half assesses the risks of climate change impacts and then the priorities of climate change adaptations.
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    Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan for Stratford, PEI

    This report aims to integrate relevant existing scientific climate change data and adaptation processes with community knowledge of climate change, in order to develop new tools that incorporates climate change concerns in community planning initiatives. Community engagement is a central component of the project team's approach, and the project relies heavily on existing community knowledge and understanding of climate related events.
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    Ahead of the Storm: Preparing Toronto for Climate Change

    Toronto has responded to the need to address climate change through the Climate Change, Clean Air and Sustainable Energy Action Plan. The development and establishment of a climate change adaptation strategy is one of the actions contained in the Climate Change Action Plan. This document presents an action-oriented framework that is designed to help members of the public and other stakeholders engage in the process of designing and implementing a climate change adaptation strategy for Toronto.
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    Climate Change Adaptation Strategy: City of Fredericton

    This report presents the results of the climate change adaptation strategy project. It includes projected climate scenarios for Fredericton, a summary of potential risks and adaptative measures based on the experiences of other jurisdictions, and a summary of Fredericton's stakeholders concerns and suggested approaches to climate change adaptation.
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    Climate Change Risk Management Strategy for Halifax Regional Municipality

    Halifax's Climate SMART  (Sustainable Mitigation and Adaptation Risk Toolkit) initiative has an overall objective of mainstreaming climate change into municipal decision making and incorporation of climate change risk management and adaptation in future corporate business unit plans. One of the key deliverables of Climate SMART is the development of a climate change risk management strategy. This strategy provides Halifax decision makers with an approach to minimize risks from climate change. These adaptation measures can take many forms including planning tools, design tools, legal tools, infrastructure changes, and changes in behavioral patterns.
Page Updated: 05/10/2017