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Information Sharing for Emergency Planning

Information Sharing for Emergency Planning

On April 28, 2016, the Minister of Transport announced improvements to information sharing between railways and communities for emergency planning. The new Protective Direction 36, replaces the expiring PD32, and provides significant enhancements as a result of input from FCM.

The updated PD includes:

  • A new requirement for railways to prepare information for the public on the types of dangerous goods crossing communities.
  • A requirement that, where multiple rail lines operated by the same company cross a particular jurisdiction, local governments can request that the information they receive under the PD be disaggregated.
  • Greater clarity provided on how local governments can share the data for emergency preparedness.
  • A requirement for data to be transmitted in a consistent and usable format, and that it be made available in French, English or both official languages;
  • A phased-in approach to reporting schedules for Class 1 railways, moving to quarterly reporting within 24 months of the PD coming into force;
  • A requirement that railways work with Transport Canada to identify mechanisms through which more detailed information on the nature and volume of DGs could be communicated to communities, within 30 months of the PD coming into force.

To receive annual reports about dangerous goods shipments by railways operating in your municipality, municipalities are encouraged to register with Transport Canada. NOTE: If you registered under PD32 to receive these reports, it is NOT necessary to re-register under PD36.

Page Updated: 05/10/2017