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Registering with Transport Canada

Registering with Transport Canada

NOTE: If your community has already registered under PD32 to receive these reports, it is NOT necessary to re-register under PD36.

In order to receive these reports, the CAO or equivalent is required to designate one (1) Emergency Planning Official responsible for:

  • Ensuring the information is used only for emergency planning or response;
  • Disclosing the information only to those persons who need access for these purposes; and
  • Keeping the information confidential.

Each municipality can decide if the designated Emergency Planning Official should be the local Fire Chief, Emergency Management Director or other official with responsibility for emergency management. Alternatively, municipalities may designate a member of a regional emergency management organization. Municipalities are also responsible for informing Transport Canada of changes to the name and/or contact information of the Emergency Planning Official.

The CAO is required to provide Transport Canada, through the Canadian Transport Emergency Centre (CANUTEC), the name of its designated Emergency Planning Official by providing the following information: the name, title, organization, address, e-mail address fax number, telephone number and cell phone number of the Emergency Planning Official that he or she designated.

Transport Canada will give railway companies the information provided by registered municipalities. The railway companies are only obligated to provide dangerous goods information to those municipalities that have registered with CANUTEC.

Page Updated: 05/10/2017