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Municipal rights-of-way

Municipal rights-of-way refers to requirements for telecommunications companies to construct, maintain and operate equipment in, on, over, under, across or along the highways, streets, road allowances, lanes, bridges or viaducts which are under the jurisdiction of a municipality.

Over the last decade, individual municipalities and FCM have invested time and resources to safeguard legitimate municipal interests with respect to Rights-of-Way.

New template agreement to assist municipal-telecom negotiations

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has approved a model Municipal Access Agreement. Municipalities and telecommunications companies can use it as a resource to negotiate access agreements for the installation and service of telecommunications infrastructure. CRTC's announcement follows extensive negotiations between FCM and carriers, and incorporates all of FCM's recommendations.

More information

FCM's handbook provides additional information including an overview of the leading legal cases and their effects and practical advice on how to best protect municipal interests and maximize cost-recovery.

Highway Robbery: How federal telecom rules cost taxpayers and damage public roads

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Not sure how to negotiate with telcos on municipal rights of way? New template agreement makes it easier.  #CDNmuni


Page Updated: 05/10/2017