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Community Mailboxes — FCM’s Principles for Community Consultation

Community Mailboxes — FCM’s Principles for Community Consultation

FCM is participating in an important consultation on the future of postal services across Canada. The consultation is part of a comprehensive review to lay out the facts, costs and viable options for the future of Canada Post. Read FCM's submission to the Canada Post Task Force's review. It builds upon the principles developed in response to Canada Post's Five Point Action Plan. 

The phasing out of door-to-door delivery service in favour of community mailboxes (CMBs), by Canada Post, was of particular concern for municipalities. As a result of these discussions, FCM adopted three principles to guide discussions between Canada Post and local governments on this issue:

  • Meaningful Consultations:  Land-use planning, service delivery and right-of-way management is unique in each city and community across the country. A one-size-fits all approach will not work for every municipality. Canada Post must work with every local government individually to ensure meaningful consultation on the location of community mailboxes meets the needs of the community.
  • Partnerships: Servicing municipal infrastructure is the responsibility of local governments. Yet municipalities must not inherit the mandate of maintaining federally owned community mailboxes. Either Canada Post must work with the local government to develop agreeable processes to maintain this infrastructure or Canada Post must compensate local governments for this work.
  • Congruence with Municipal Planning:  As much as possible, the changes to door-to-door mail delivery must align with local strategies and processes aimed at fostering and supporting age/disability-friendly communities. Unique strategies must be developed in partnership with local governments and/or individuals.

On April 1, 2014 Deepak Chopra, President and Chief Executive Officer of Canada Post, responded to these principles in a letter to FCM saying,

 "We reviewed the FCM's Principles for Community Consultation of the Five-Point Action Plan. We are confident that when it comes to the consultation, cost, and accessibility of CMBs, our views align."

FCM will continue to work with Canada Post and the federal government on this issue throughout the review to ensure that any future operational changes respect municipal decision-making authority and do not lead to unnecessary conflict with local land-use planning practices or policies.

Page Updated: 05/10/2017