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Reliable Internet for everyone

broadband on the farm

A reliable Internet connection is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Businesses need it to innovate, compete and grow. It is vital to public safety and public services—and to Canadians’ everyday quality of life.

But did you know that two million Canadians can’t access a reliable fixed or mobile Internet connection? In rural, remote and northern communities, households cannot connect with the rest of the country and businesses face barriers to growth.

That’s why it is so important for municipal leaders to add their voices to our call for universal access to high-speed broadband and mobile Internet. FCM is here to help.

We are calling for clear targets for speed, long-term, predictable funding, and affordable access for the hardest-to-serve populations. 

Here’s what you can do:

  • Download our one-page issue sheet and share it online.
  • Visit your MP and discuss our campaign. Print and leave our issue sheet with them.
  • Tweet @FCM_online and #cdnmuni and tell about your community’s need for #universalbroadband.
  • Share our campaign on social media.

FCM’s advocacy has made progress in recent years. The $500 million Connect to Innovate program and the CRTC’s $750 million Broadband Fund are first steps toward bringing service to hard-to-reach areas. We also applauded the CRTC’s 2016 commitment to a universal service objective for broadband.

With bold Canadian leadership, we can achieve universal broadband. That means reliable, affordable Internet and mobile access for everyone—no matter where you live.

Page Updated: 25/10/2018