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Columbia Institute report highlights municipal leadership, says FCM (19/09/2014)

VANCOUVER- Today, the First Vice-president of the Federation of Canadian of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), Raymond Louie, responded to the Columbia Institute's report entitled "Who's Picking Up the Tab?", highlighting the municipal leadership in addressing challenges facing Canada's hometowns.

"The Columbia Institute's report brings welcome attention to challenges facing Canada's hometowns, and the leadership role that local governments play in finding solutions to critical problems facing Canadians," said FCM First Vice-president Raymond Louie.

Cities and communities are the engines of our national economy. Investing in Canada's hometowns remains one of the smartest ways to build our country. The housing sector represents 20% of Canada's GDP. Every dollar invested in housing generates $1.40 in GDP growth. A commitment from all governments for a long-term, predictable and dedicated funding to address the new infrastructure upgrades required by the federal wastewater regulations will create 11 000 jobs for every $1 billion spent, and help protect the environment.

Whether it's providing Canadians quality, affordable housing or building and maintaining Canada's core infrastructure, municipalities play a critical role in building a strong country and providing a high quality of life for Canadians.

"Municipalities are ready to partner with all orders of governments to find street-level solutions to challenges facing Canadians in their hometowns," said FCM First Vice-president Raymond Louie.

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