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Big City Mayors make unprecedented call for Canadians to “Vote for Cities” (13/10/2015)

Ottawa - Mayors of Canada's big cities delivered an unprecedented call to action today as they urged Canadians to "Vote for Cities" in next week's federal election. They delivered that message through a coordinated set of press conferences, media statements and on social media in cities across the country.

The call for Canadians to "Vote for Cities" was an initiative of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities' (FCM) Big City Mayors' Caucus. The Caucus represents 21 cities and a population of over 21 million people. Today's event presented a striking demonstration of the geographic breadth, the demographic strength and the impressive unity of Canada's cities around three key issues: transit, infrastructure and housing.

"Canadian families are demanding an unprecedented focus on cities in this election, and that's created clear choices for voters. I encourage everyone to consider which parties have committed to investing in city priorities like affordable housing and transit," said Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, Chair of Canada's Big City Mayors' Caucus. "On October 19, a vote for Canada's cities is a vote to grow Canada's economy."

The mayors encouraged voters to consider three questions before casting their "Vote for Cities".

  • Where does each party stand on the three key issues facing urban voters: transit, infrastructure and housing? Party commitments on each of these issues can be found on FCM's policy tracker.
  • Has your local candidate signed the #cdnmuni commitment? The commitment is an online pledge to work on the issues cities have defined as a priority.
  • Did your candidate show up at local debates held in your riding?

The push for Canadians to "Vote for Cities" comes in the final days of an extended campaign from Canada's Big City Mayors aimed at building a new relationship between all orders of government focused on issues that drive the economy and improve quality of life for Canadian families.

The mayors reminded federal parties that there is still time to finalize their plans to partner with cities on building a strong economy and improved quality of life. "A week is a long time in politics. Parties need to step up or clarify their commitments to invest in affordable housing — there's plenty of time to make a final pitch to the millions of Canadians living in cities," added Mayor Robertson.

At the close of today's coordinated events the mayors made a final appeal to all eligible voters to engage in the federal election as it reaches its final stage.

"It's not my role to tell people how to vote, but I have a responsibility to highlight the important issues that are at stake in this election, and how citizens are affected by this vote. In my mind, we must go into this important election focused on municipal priorities including: transit, infrastructure and housing. This election matters to our cities, and by casting a vote you get a say in the future treatment cities receive from their federal partners," said Toronto Mayor John Tory.

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities is the national voice of municipal government. In leading the municipal movement, FCM works to align federal and local priorities, recognizing that strong hometowns make for a strong Canada.

Page Updated: 13/10/2015