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Canada needs a housing system that is built to last (20/05/2015)

OTTAWA, ON -Today, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) launched a new report on the growing housing crisis in Canada, Built to Last: Strengthening the Foundations of Housing in Canada. The report makes the definitive case for all orders of government to partner on a long-term strategy to fix the serious cracks in our housing system.

"Affordable housing is increasingly out of reach for many Canadians", said Brad Woodside, president of FCM. "The cost of owning a home is skyrocketing, our rental sector is ill prepared for any downturn in the housing market, and the federal government has not moved to protect the one-third of Canada's social housing stock currently at risk."

The report calls for all governments to work together and points to three key solutions to make housing more affordable for all Canadians:

  • Create incentives to increase rental housing, taking the pressure off homeownership;
  • Protect current levels of federal investments in affordable housing now set to rapidly decline; and
  • Deliver the housing and support services that can end homelessness.

The 2015 federal budget did little to mitigate this looming crisis as no new dollars have been committed to address the $1 billion declining federal investment in social housing over the next five years. As a result, Canada's most vulnerable citizens, one third of whom are elderly, face increased housing costs and growing waitlists for affordable housing in municipalities from coast to coast to coast.

The scope and range of challenges facing the housing system are too complex for any one order of government to solve alone. It requires collaboration and leadership to implement an effective housing action plan where all Canadians can access adequate housing.

Municipal leaders from coast to coast to coast are ready to partner with our provincial and federal counterparts and work toward a housing system that is built to last.

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