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Statement from FCM President Raymond Louie on Conservative commitment to increase funding for broadband in rural and remote communities (26/08/2015)

"The commitment announced today demonstrates real progress on a key issue for municipalities, in particular for rural and remote communities. FCM has long advocated for increased federal involvement in developing the telecommunications infrastructure that is critical to the social, cultural and economic vibrancy of Canada's rural, northern and remote communities. If implemented, this pledge has the potential to improve the quality of broadband services in these regions by expanding access to fibre-based internet services.

In Election 2015, Canada's local governments are looking for commitments to universal high-speed broadband access. Fully closing the digital divide will require moving beyond one-time investments and towards a true partnership between orders of government that is based on permanent, long-term funding. Our economic potential as a country will only be reached when all regions share an equal capacity to reach out to the world."

Page Updated: 26/04/2018