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Statement by FCM President Clark Somerville on Quebec’s recognition of the status of municipalities as local governments (07/12/2016)

FCM President Clark Somerville issued this statement following the tabling of Quebec's Bill 122: An Act Mainly to Recognize that Municipalities are Local Governments and to Increase Their Autonomy and Powers 

With Bill 122, the Government of Quebec lays the foundations for a new and modernized relationship with municipalities and officially recognizes them as local governments. It also gives them greater autonomy in several front-line jurisdictions, including municipal taxation and finance, land use planning, transparency, governance and economic development. This bill gives municipalities greater flexibility and important tools to meet the specific needs of Quebec's cities and communities, regardless of their size.

This is a significant step forward for the municipal sector in Quebec and can inspire change in other jurisdictions. The role of municipalities as enablers of economic, social, and environmental change is being recognized by the Quebec government. We welcome this key advancement and wish to congratulate our provincial colleagues, the Union des municipalités du Québec and the Fédération québécoise des municipalités, for their hard work in helping to make this bill a reality.

Page Updated: 15/12/2016