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Statement by FCM President Raymond Louie following NDP Leader Tom Mulcair's address to FCM's Annual Conference in Winnipeg (05/06/2016)

"Municipal leaders gathered in Winnipeg welcomed the commitment of NPD Leader Tom Mulcair and his party to make Canada responsive to the needs of all Canadians, and to prioritize climate change, social infrastructure and reconciliation with Canada's Aboriginal peoples.

Mr. Mulcair's speech reflected his party's longstanding appreciation of the role of municipal government in responding to on-the-ground realities in our communities, and in helping to further national objectives such as growing the economy and protecting our environment. The NDP has consistently made municipal priorities such as affordable housing and sustainability key elements of their agenda. They have long understood that building strong communities is an integral part of building a strong Canada.

During his 22-year political career, Mr. Mulcair has been a staunch advocate for ensuring that municipalities have the tools they need to deliver quality services for all Canadians. 

The future of our country is contingent on a strong and lasting federal-municipal partnership. That collaboration requires the involvement and dedication of all federal parties. I want to thank Tom Mulcair for his work to help forge and bolster that partnership, and I look forward to continuing that collaboration with him and with the NDP in the years to come."

Page Updated: 05/06/2016