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Statement by FCM President Raymond Louie following Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s address to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Conference (03/06/2016)

The following statement was released by FCM President Raymond Louie following the keynote address delivered by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to FCM's Annual Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on June 3, 2016:

"Municipal leaders from across the country were strongly encouraged by the messages delivered by the Prime Minister today. The commitment to continued collaboration by Prime Minister Trudeau was welcomed by more than 1,600 municipal leaders gathered in Winnipeg. We agree with the Prime Minister that a new era of federal-municipal partnership is underway, and that we need to work together on the next phase of infrastructure investments for Canadians.

We are pleased to hear the Prime Minister say that his government wants to invest in projects that will revitalize and grow our economy, protect our towns and cities from the very real impacts of climate change, and support the social integration and inclusion of all our community members. The Prime Minister emphasized that with our important input, they have laid out a vision of the kind of Canada they want to build and they are leaving the project selection to the experts, municipalities.

In the past year, Canadians have seen tremendous focus on cities and communities. FCM has worked hand in hand with our federal partners on a range of issues, from developing infrastructure investment plans that will improve our hometowns and grow the economy, to joining the Canadian delegation to the COP21 conference in Paris last year to tackle climate change.

The recognition of the role of cities and communities in strengthening our country was highlighted in the federal government's Budget 2016 which included unprecedented investments in municipal priorities such as green infrastructure, public transit, quality water, and a commitment for a national housing strategy.

Under Prime Minister Trudeau's leadership, the federal government is also partnering with FCM and local governments on programs to protect our environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

As municipal and federal leaders, we all understand that by working together on the issues and priorities that affect Canadian families every day we can build great cities and communities, improve quality of life for Canadians, and build a strong and prosperous nation. 

Prime Minister Trudeau's fulfillment of his commitment to participate at the FCM conference is another strong symbol of his government's commitment to working closely with all orders of government. We look forward to welcoming him annually as we move forward together to strengthen this great nation."

Page Updated: 03/06/2016