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Prime Minister highlights nation-building partnership with Canada’s local governments (02/06/2017)

FCM President Clark Somerville issued the following statement today after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's keynote address to municipal leaders at FCM's Annual Conference: Shaping Canada's Future (Ottawa, June 1-4).

"On behalf of municipal leaders across Canada, I want to thank the Prime Minister for sharing his views and priorities with us today. His remarks underscored the strength of the partnership his government is building with FCM and local governments.

In his own words today: "We know our country is only as strong as the towns and cities we're made of. We're only as strong as our rec centres and social housing, our wastewater systems and public transit. And we heard you when you said you needed a strong partner in Ottawa."

Cities and communities are where we work, live and raise our children. This is where jobs are created, innovation happens and dreams are followed. This is where Canada will tackle 21st challenges-from economic growth to climate change to reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. And this is why our partnership is so vital to Canada's future.

Community-building is nation-building. That's our vision as municipal leaders, and we're pleased to hear it echoed by our federal partner. We heard it in the Prime Minister's remarks today. We see it in this government's transformational infrastructure investments for our communities. And we see it reflected in a new level of engagement between our two orders of government.

Our message back to the Prime Minister today was that local governments are ready. We're ready to work with him to ensure new infrastructure programs are designed to get results. And we're ready to deliver local solutions that also meeting his government's national objectives.

Better transit and rural infrastructure will boost Canada's growth and productivity. More affordable housing is a foundation for a stronger, inclusive tomorrow. Scaling up local green innovation will help this country reach its climate targets. And building more livable cities and communities is how we'll attract the talent and diversity Canada needs to thrive.

In other words, as Canadians celebrate 150 years of Confederation, their municipal leaders are also hard at work shaping the next 150."

Clark Somerville is a local/regional councillor for the Town of Halton Hills and Halton Region. His one-year term as FCM President concludes on June 4, 2017.

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