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Membership in FCM

FCM encourages all municipalities across Canada to add your voice to the municipal movement that's building a better Canada. By adding your voice, you'll join nearly 2,000 other local governments representing 91 per cent of the Canadian population.

FCM is the national voice for Canada's local governments. We understand that the solutions to some of this country's biggest national challenges can be found in local communities. We work hard to ensure our members' issues are heard at the federal level. What's more, our members receive exclusive access to distinct benefits, everything from expert analysis on federal legislation that impacts municipalities to a say in resolutions that guide FCM's advocacy work on Parliament Hill.

Benefits of membership

Together with our members, FCM has helped secure important federal commitments on a wide range of priorities.

We deliver for our members

Advocating in the nation's capital Connecting and empowering municipalities Delivering programs, offering solutions

Along with our federal partners, FCM is transforming the federal-municipal relationship and helping to shape historic new investments in our communities. We work on behalf of our members to bring local priorities to Parliament Hill, and ensure that federal legislation works for municipalities. FCM actively engages with the federal government on a wide variety of issues that impact municipalities of all sizes. FCM’s strong voice is well-respected in Ottawa.


We regularly work with the Prime Minister’s Office, Cabinet Ministers, Party Leaders and all Members of Parliament to advance policy options that strengthen municipalities. FCM brings the municipal perspective to Parliamentary and Senate committee hearings, as well as government policy and research, and we meet annually with the Minister of Finance during prebudget consultations.

FCM is a national leader in convening experts and other stakeholders who are committed to building sustainable communities. Through networking opportunities such as our Annual Conference and Trade Show, we enable municipalities to share knowledge, learn from peers and hear from key federal decision-makers — including the Prime Minister.


FCM provides a strong and united voice to mobilize and shape the municipal response to important social and economic challenges. And we empower municipalities with in-depth analysis on federal legislation and expert advice on federal-municipal matters that impact local communities.

FCM develops and delivers innovative solutions that help communities thrive, while addressing key local and national priorities — from reducing greenhouse gases and strengthening partnerships with First Nations to advancing the role of women in government.


One of our flagship programs, the Green Municipal Fund, provides funding, tools, resources and training to support initiatives that protect the environment and quality of life of Canadians. FCM’s international programs mobilize Canadian municipal leaders and experts to share their knowledge and build relationships with a global network of municipal governments. Budget 2016 entrusted FCM with a pair of new federal programs to help municipalities with asset management, as well as climate change mitigation and adaptation.


Legal Defense Fund

Since 1997, FCM's Legal Defense Fund has been protecting the legal rights of Canada's municipalities.

It's helped set important legal precedents on issues that matter to cities and communities of all sizes.


Members special discount

Your municipality can benefit in other ways as well, such as through the savings offered by FCM's Corporate Partners

Discounts are available to members on postal services. Members can access these discounts by logging to our website.


Member Relations Committee

The role of the committee

Every year, FCM carries out a campaign to retain existing members and attract new ones, and the Member Relations Committee provides general oversight of these activities. The Committee sets the membership recruitment goals and is actively involved in outreach activities.

Committee members are available to discuss member relations matters with existing and potential members.


Learn more about what FCM can do for you

Gabrielle Massicotte
Member Relations Advisor | Communications and Membership
T. 613-907-6273