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Community Infrastructure Partnership Project

Community Infrastructure Partnership Project

Community Infrastructure Partnership Project

Latest: Solid Waste Management Toolkit

The Solid Waste Management Toolkit gives First Nations and municipalities tools and guidance to help them collaborate on solid waste management

About the program

Funded by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, the Community Infrastructure Partnership Project is an FCM national pilot program focused on First Nations-municipal joint solid waste management.

This 18-month initiative will enhance the capacity of participating First Nations and adjacent municipalities to develop and implement joint solid waste management municipal type service agreements (MTSA).

The project will provide tools to support First Nation-municipal waste partnerships and facilitate the development of equitable and sustainable MTSA.

In Manitoba, the project will be implemented in collaboration with the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources.

  • Program Resources

    Program Resources

    The previous Community Infrastructure Partnership Program focused on joint water service agreements between First Nations and municipalities as well as capacity building, and offers many useful resources including service agreement templates, case studies and webinars.
  • Participating Communities

    Participating Communities

    Following a strong show of interest from applicants across the country, six municipalities and adjacent First Nation communities have been selected to develop joint solid waste agreements with the direct assistance of FCM's Community Infrastructure Partnership Project (CIPP).
Page Updated: 20/04/2018