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Community Infrastructure Partnership Project

About the Program

Relationships between First Nations and Municipalities are often marked by tension and mistrust. As a result, communities lose opportunities to share scarce resources, reduce costs, and generate positive social and economic outcomes. The First Nations - Municipal Community Infrastructure Partnership Program (CIPP) improves the ability of neighbouring First Nations and municipal governments to partner and improve community infrastructure. CIPP is not a funding program. 

We provide:     

  • Resources - including a  toolkit with case studies and templates and service agreements
  • Regional Workshops -free, one day, face to face, capacity building programs for First Nations and municipalities to discuss partnership and joint infrastructure issues
  • National Webinars- free seminars on infrastructure and relationship topics including how to set a price for water, Indian Act 101, Municipal Acts 101, and how to best use the CIPP Toolkit available on line
  • Peer and volunteer mentors - with experience in developing partnerships and service agreements or with particular expertise to assist you with improving relationships or local infrastructure
  • Dedicated support to six First Nation/municipal pairs - until March 31, 2016 to develop relationship and joint service agreements

Challenges and Benefits

Infrastructure Challenges

Many communities struggle with barriers to improving their infrastructure:

  • Funding issues such as access to capital
  • Small service areas
  • Strained relationships
  • Lack of capacity
  • Political differences

Benefits of CIPP

CIPP can assist in breaking down these barriers. We can help communities:

  • Use CIPP's practical resources and templates
  • Set achievable goals
  • Achieve economies of scale that reduce costs
  • Build capacity
  • Develop new service agreements
  • Allow for non-traditional service sharing
  • Address historical grievances
  • Enhance economic and social development


CIPP is working across Canada. Since the program's launch in 2010, CIPP has:

  • Facilitated the participation of more than 100 communities in CIPP workshops
  • Helped to create more than 30 agreements based on CIPP service agreement templates
  • Facilitated development of MOUs as well as communication and cooperation agreements
  • Distributed the CIPP toolkit across Canada, both in print and electronically

CIPP has received a Deloitte Public Sector Leadership Award from the Institute of Public Administration (IPAC).

CIPP Governance

FCM initiated CIPP to respond to interest from municipalities and Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) to improve community infrastructure and build new partnerships with First Nations.

CIPP is a joint program between FCM and AANDC.

Workshop facilitators bring extensive experience and connection with Aboriginal communities.

Page Updated: 05/10/2017