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First Nations-Municipal Collaboration Programs

About the Program


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Every day, CEDI is bringing together First Nations and municipalities on inspiring economic development projects.  

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The First Nations–Municipal Community Economic Development Initiative (CEDI) aims to improve the economic prosperity of participating municipalities and adjacent First Nations through joint community economic development planning. Launched in January 2013, the program will run to March 2016.

CEDI is a joint initiative by FCM and Cando. Cando is a national, membership-based, non-profit Aboriginal organization involved in community economic development with Aboriginal communities.

CEDI is FCM's second program supporting municipalities and adjacent First Nations. In 2010, FCM implemented its Community Infrastructure Partnership Program (CIPP) to enhance relationships and work toward the development of joint service agreements between these communities. In partnership with Cando, FCM will build on the strengths of this award-winning program to implement CEDI.

Participating focus communities

FCM and Cando will work with six focus pairs of First Nations and adjacent municipalities across Canada chosen through a nation-wide selection process.  Over the course of the program, FCM and Cando will facilitate a series of workshops and follow-up visits with the selected communities to help to enhance their relationships and work toward developing a joint, strategic economic development plan or project.

Participating communities will also benefit from peer mentorship, communities of practice, study tours and small capacity building grants to help them achieve their community economic development goals.  

Program resources

Stay tuned for new program resources you can use to support joint community economic development in your own community, including the CEDI Toolkit which will allow communities to work through the various stages of developing a joint CED project or plan with tools, case studies and resources in community economic development.

Get involved

Are you interested in joining our Linkedin network, receiving CEDI updates, becoming a peer mentor, or sharing community best practices? For more information, contact Tanya Tourangeau, CEDI program coordinator, Cando, 1.800.463.9300 ext.239

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