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First Nations-Municipal Collaboration Programs

Our toolkit and more resources

Released in September 2015, our Stronger Together toolkit is based on the experiences and learning that emerged from CEDI's Phase 1.

The toolkit guides CEDI First Nation and municipal partners into a  positive and respectful way of working together on longer-term community economic development (CED) using a 4-step process.

Stronger Together toolkit 4-step process

The toolkit is also useful to non-CEDI organizations such as tribal councils, chambers of commerce, provincial and territorial associations, treaty commissions and regional economic development agencies involved in CED.

Stronger Together Toolkit

The Stronger Together Toolkit
Many municipalities and First Nations want to collaborate but do not know where to start. There may be big differences in the communities' legal rights, economic conditions, demographics, cultures, and how they govern themselves.

The Stronger Together Toolkit offers step-by-step suggestions on how to bridge differences so partners can find new ways to work together for mutual prosperity.

Download the Stronger Together Toolkit

Toolkit at a glance

This brochure provides a quick reference to the Toolkit and joint economic development. Download, share or print it and talk about it with colleagues, council or a neighbouring community to begin a discussion on First Nation-municipal collaboration.

Download the Toolkit-at-a-Glance

Page Updated: 28/05/2018