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First Nations-Municipal Collaboration Programs

First Nation – Municipal Planning

First Nation – Municipal  Planning

First Nations and municipalities both use a variety of planning approaches, two of the most common appear below:

  • Comprehensive Community Planning is a holistic process that enables a community to build a roadmap to sustainability, self-sufficiency and improved governance capacity. These overarching plans are created through a community-led process and address key planning areas, all of which are interrelated and interdependent: governance, land and resources, health, infrastructure development, culture, social issues and the economy. AANDC published a Comprehensive Community Planning for First Nations in British Columbia
  • All provinces and territories require local governments to develop Official Plans (also known as Comprehensive Community Plans, General Municipal Plans or Official Community Plans) that incorporate the vision and framework for land use and development in their community. Most Official Plans integrate land use, economic, environmental, transportation and community facilities into a broad strategy to direct growth and development in a sustainable manner.  For more information, contact your province or territory's municipal affairs department.
  • Your Guide to Municipal Institutions in Canada offers an overview of Canadian municipalities. It includes information on responsibilities by province or territory, how municipal taxation works, and decision-making and democratic processes.

Other processes and trends that are relevant for First Nation and municipal planning include:

Page Updated: 08/11/2016