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First Nations-Municipal Collaboration Programs

Service Agreement Toolkit

The Service Agreement Best Practice Toolkit can support you to:

  • Build and maintain relationships
  • Develop agreements with the proper legal format
  • Negotiate key issues
  • Model best practices related to community infrastructure
  • Develop communications accords and protocol agreements

Full Toolkit

Toolkit by Unit

Primers focusing on specific issues and geographic regions

CIPP Primers are booklets on specific issues and regions. Use them with the CIPP toolkit.

Now available: 

  • PDF Document

    CIPP Joint Community Sustainability Planning Primer

    This primer was written in collaboration with the Whistler Centre for Sustainability. Its purpose is to act as a framework for Municipal - First Nation joint sustainability planning and to be used alongside the First Nation - Municipal Community Infrastructure Partnership Program (CIPP) Service Agreement Toolkit.
  • PDF Document

    BC Service Agreement Primer

    The CIPP British Columbia Service Agreement Primer provides province-specific information which both First Nations and municipalities in British Columbia can use to better understand the unique context of service agreements in the province.
  • PDF Document

    Yukon Service Agreement Primer

    Written in collaboration with the Yukon Territorial Government, the Council of Yukon First Nations (CYFN), the Association of Yukon Communities (AYC) and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) this brief overview of First Nation - municipal collaboration on services outlines the governance structures of the self- governing First Nations and municipalities in the Yukon.
Page Updated: 27/11/2018