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Green Municipal Fund
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Green Municipal Fund 2016–2017 Annual Report

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The Green Municipal Fund (GMF) is a key program of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) that helps communities plan and implement sustainability projects, such as initiatives that improve drinking water, waste management and energy efficiency. In the 2016–2017 Annual Report, you can learn how we supported communities of all sizes in fostering meaningful progress on sustainability. From funding innovative projects, to engaging peers in learning and networking opportunities, to sharing lessons learned and best practices, we proudly help Canadian municipalities from coast to coast to coast enhance quality of life for their residents.

Letter to stakeholders

FCM’s new President Jenny Gerbasi and Chair of the GMF Council, Ben Henderson, address FCM’s Green Municipal Fund stakeholders. Read the letter.


FCM has always been known for creating connections between orders of government and as a voice for a wide variety of issues that impact Canadians and municipalities. The featured articles below present some highlights and updates of the past year that demonstrate our commitment to helping communities through knowledge-sharing, funding and support initiatives.

Man with tie drawing three connecting circles. Link goes to “Triple bottom line” web page.

Triple bottom line
GMF initiatives show significant results achieved in environmental, economic and social benefits

Three stacks of coins sprouting from earth, with three seedlings growing from the top. Link goes to “Funding” web page.

Record number of applications means increased funding from FCM

Smiling man and woman writing on a whiteboard. Link goes to “Peer learning” web page.

Peer learning
FCM harnesses the power of shared experiences to leverage peer learning

Modern building with glass windows. Link goes to “GMF zeroes in on net zero” web page.

GMF zeroes in on net zero
FCM supports leading municipalities with net zero initiatives

Coloured rope woven together to create a perfect circle in the middle. Link goes to “Facilitating collaboration” web page.

Facilitating collaboration
Small and rural communities face unique challenges — FCM offers unique solutions

Smiling man with arms open leading a meeting at a brown table. Link goes to “Long-term relationships” web page.

Long-term relationships
Supporting and developing municipal leaders in sustainability

Hands holding puzzle pieces, putting together a white puzzle on a wooden table. Link goes to “Mutually beneficial partnerships” web page.

Mutually beneficial partnerships
Partnerships with national and international organizations improve FCM programs

Solid contact clarifier tank in wastewater treatment plant. Link goes to “Wastewater” web page.

Improved wastewater systems protect bodies of water and the quality of drinking water

Architectural drawing of a building in white against a blue background. Link goes to “Brownfields” web page.

FCM assists municipalities through brownfield redevelopment challenges

Clouds spell out CO2 with blue sky, and an arrow pointing down. Link goes to “Climate change” web page.

Climate change
Municipalities take action on climate change in national and international initiatives

Hand with pen, writing on paper. Link goes to “GMF reviews improve projects” web page.

GMF reviews improve projects
Independent analysis central to GMF's peer review process

Cover of appendices with title: 2016–2017, Annual Report, Appendices. Link goes to “Appendices” web page.

Detailed account of GMF's impacts for 2016-2017

The Government of Canada endowed the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) with $550 million to establish the Green Municipal FundTM. An additional $125 million top-up to this endowment was also announced in Budget 2016 and will be added to the Fund in 2017–18. The Fund supports partnerships and leveraging of both public and private-sector funding to reach higher standards of air, water and soil quality, and climate protection.
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Page Updated: 06/06/2018