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Green Municipal Fund
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GMF 2016–2017 Annual Report: Appendices

Banner with “Annual Report 2016–2017” on green background at the top. In a triangular shape on the left-hand side: grass with dew. Title of page: Appendices.

Cover of the Appendices PDF, with FCM logo. Title states “2016–2017, Annual Report, Appendices, Green Municipal Fund”.
The appendices of FCM's Green Municipal Fund (GMF) Annual Report for 2016–2017 give a detailed account of GMF's efforts throughout the fiscal year. From funding allocations, to the reach of our activities, to details on initiatives that were approved, you'll gain knowledge on GMF's impacts.

They include:

  • Appendix A: Funding allocations (p.1)
  • Appendix B: Fund management (p.6)
  • Appendix C: GMF Council members (p.8)
  • Appendix D: Assessment and approval process (p.10)
  • Appendix E: GMF initiatives approved in 2016–2017 (p.14)
  • Appendix F: Environmental results (p.23)
  • Appendix G: GMF resources and activities (p.30)
  • Appendix H: Financial statements (p.36)
Page Updated: 06/06/2018