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Green Municipal Fund

Tips for Completing Your Application

GMF Application Forms

The series of GMF Application Forms will be updated from time to time to improve usability and resolve any technical issues. Before you complete an application form, please ensure you have the most recent version (see bottom left-hand corner of the form).

Download the latest GMF Application Form (v1.0) for the following type of initiative:

Applicants with capital projects in the energy, transportation, waste or water sectors must first submit an Initial Review Form before they may access the full application form.

System requirements

Internet Explorer is the recommended browser to open a GMF application form. Save the form to your computer, and then open it in Adobe Reader. Remember to save your form frequently as you are working on it to prevent losing any information.

You will need Adobe Reader 9.1 or greater to complete the form. Unfortunately, the form will not work with Adobe Acrobat Professional.

Using the form for the first time

When you first open the form, a few steps are required to establish communication with our server:

  1. A Security Warning will appear that reads "Acrobat is attempting to connect to: If you trust this site, choose Allow. If you do not trust this site, choose Block".

    Please click the box that says "Remember my action for this site" and then click the Allow button.
  2. A yellow bar will appear at the top of the form that reads "Some features may be disabled to avoid potential security risks. Only enable these features if you trust the document".

    An Options menu will appear at the end of the bar. Please click the Options menu and select "Trust this document always".
  3. The form will then reload, and is ready to use. 

How the form works

The form includes auto-calculation functions, a list of mandatory and optional environmental indicators (to help you assess the environmental benefit of your initiative), and help text to guide you along the way.

NOTE: The questions in the form are dynamically populated, meaning that new questions are generated as you respond to earlier questions. If you would like to see all the application questions at once, you can create a blank form using the instructions below.

Parts of the form

The GMF Application Form includes three parts:

Part A — Applicant information: Questions about the applicant and contact information.

Part B — Initiative performance:  Questions to determine how your initiative meets GMF evaluation criteria and to collect data and documentation that will support your responses.

Part C — Required documents and declaration: Questions that prompt you to attach documents required to demonstrate GMF funding eligibility.

You will also be required to sign a declaration attesting to the accuracy of the information you have provided.

Submit your application

You will be asked to review your responses prior to submitting the form. The system will highlight any incomplete questions. Once you've answered the remaining questions, you will see a submit button. Before you click the "Submit" button to send your form and associated documents to FCM, make sure that:

  • You are connected to the internet
  • You have saved the document as a trusted document

After clicking on the submit button, a text box will appear informing you that the submission process is about to begin. Click OK to continue and wait for the system to confirm receipt of your submission.

Creating a blank application form

The GMF application forms are dynamically populated, meaning that new questions are generated as you respond to earlier questions. For feasibility studies, pilot projects, and capital projects, some parts of the form will not be visible until activated. To create a blank form you must first make some key selections: 

  • Feasibility studies and pilot projects: select the type of initiative (e.g. feasibility study or pilot)
  • In the brownfields capital project form, select the project type (e.g. site remediation/risk management or brightfield) 

All form components are visible for the plans and initial review forms (for capital projects in the energy, transportation, waste and water sectors).

FCM does not require a printed copy of the form once it has been submitted online. However, you may wish to keep a copy for your records.

Page Updated: 06/05/2015