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Green Municipal Fund

Funded Initiatives

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GMF Approved Projects Database

Your gateway to information on hundreds of GMF-funded initiatives in communities of all sizes from coast to coast to coast!

From plans, to feasibility studies and field tests, to pilot projects and capital projects, the database is designed to inspire new thinking by sharing best practices, processes and lessons learned through summaries, case studies and final reports, and other resources.

Our new and improved search tool lets you filter by type of initiative, sector, province, project value and duration, and population. You can also enter project-specific keywords to further refine your search.

When you click through to an individual search result, the database will also highlight the three other initiatives that most closely match your search parameters.

Please keep in mind that GMF funding criteria have evolved since the Fund was established in 2000. Older initiatives may no longer be funded under current eligibility criteria. The database is a dynamic and comprehensive resource, so be sure to check it often! We are continually adding summaries for recently approved initiatives, case studies and final reports for completed projects, and more.

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