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Green Municipal Fund

FCM’s Green Municipal Fund supports hybrid street sweeper road-test in Saint-Jérôme (14/05/2014)

City of Saint-Jérôme, QC — The Honorable Greg Rickford, federal Minister of Natural Resources, and Claude Dauphin president of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and mayor of the Borough of Lachine, City of Montréal, Quebec, today announced a Green Municipal Fund™ (GMF) grant for the City of Saint-Jérôme. The $160,000 grant will be used to road-test a hybrid street sweeper. The testing will help determine the amount of fuel saved along with the reduction in CO2 emissions in relation to conventional equipment. This project is a first in Eastern Canada and confirms the "Queen of the North's" status as a centre of innovation for Quebec and Canada.

"The Harper government is assisting municipalities across the country in achieving their goal of a cleaner and healthier environment for Canadians through the Green Municipal Fund," said Mr. Rickford. "Today's announcement is another example of how our government — in partnership with FCM — is helping municipalities, like the City of Saint-Jérôme, that will undertake road-testing of a hybrid street sweeper." 

"The Green Municipal Fund offers a range of resources and services that specifically address the sustainable community development needs of municipal governments," said Mr. Dauphin. The financing and knowledge provided by the Fund supports the development of communities that are more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable." 

The test project responds to the challenge of high fuel consumption by conventional, inefficient street sweepers. Testing is already under way and preliminary results from July and August 2012 show that the hybrid sweeper consumed 100 litres of fuel per 79 km, compared with 100 litres per 44 km for the conventional diesel sweeper.

Once testing is complete, the equipment assembly, design details and fuel savings will be shared with other municipalities in various ways, such as case studies published by FCM's Green Municipal Fund. The National Advanced Transportation Centre, recognized across Canada for developing solutions such as hybrid street sweepers to replace traditional vehicles, will assist with the project evaluation as well as providing technical expertise during testing.

"We're no longer in the experimental stage when it comes to electric vehicles - they're a given. The challenge now is to develop the tools needed to measure and convert vehicles in ways that make economic and technical sense. Yesterday it was cars and buses, today hybrid street sweepers and bucket trucks, and tomorrow we'll be looking at school buses. The City of Saint-Jérôme is at the forefront of transportation technologies," stated Saint-Jérôme Mayor Stéphane Maher.

The Government of Canada endowed the Federation of Canadian Municipalities with $550 million to establish the Green Municipal Fund™. The Fund supports partnerships and leveraging of both public and private-sector funding to reach higher standards of air, water and soil quality, and climate protection.

FCM has been the national voice of municipal governments since 1901. It fosters the development of sustainable communities to improve quality of life by promoting strong, effective, and accountable municipal government.

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