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Green Municipal Fund

Green Municipal Fund 2015–2016 Annual Report

RASING THE BAR Annual Report 2015-2016 FCM's Green Municipal Fund

FCM's Green Municipal Fund 2015–2016 Annual Report showcases how we enable cities and towns of all sizes to raise the bar on sustainability.

In this year's report, we share stories of how GMF funding and programs help improve the quality of life for Canadians, from cleaner water and more efficient use of resources, such as energy, to better municipal services and public health.

We also highlight our efforts to improve how we measure the results of our funded projects and how we share the lessons learned through knowledge resources, training, events, learning programs and more.

This year's edition features four main sections:

  • Leadership (page 4): Highlights GMF as an innovator and leader in municipal sustainability.
  • Triple bottom line (page 12): Showcases the environmental, economic and social benefits of the projects we fund.
  • Support (page 22): Reveals how our financial support and work help municipalities achieve their sustainability goals. 
  • Continuous improvement, greater value (page 35): Offers a glimpse of our internal initiatives that enhance our effectiveness and impact.

Read the annual report today:

Page Updated: 01/09/2016