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Green Municipal Fund

Energy Bylaws

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    Corporate Sustainable Building Policy (2010)

    The City of Burlington Corporate Sustainable Building Policy requires all new municipal buildings greater than 500 square metres to target LEED® Silver certification.
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    Corporate Energy Management Program Update (2009)

    The City of Burlington Corporate Energy Management Program Update informs city council of the status of the program and presents the Corporate Energy Policy for approval. The actions outlined in the update will support the implementation of energy conservation measures in corporate facilities and promote a culture of conservation, which is expected to reduce costs as well as the city’s carbon footprint.
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    Building and Plumbing Bylaw (2009)

    The City of Whitehorse Building and Plumbing Bylaw 99-50 amendment (consolidated with Bylaw 2009-16) outlines minimum energy conservation standards for new construction. These standards are related to thermal insulation values and heat recovery ventilators, and apply to all heated residential, commercial or industrial buildings.
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    Policy on Energy Management for Town-Owned Buildings (2008)

    The Town of Annapolis Royal Policy on Energy Management aims to minimize energy consumption in all town-owned buildings, and to minimize the municipal environmental footprint. The policy details practices to identify and eliminate unnecessary energy-related expenses. These practices are related to lighting and other electrical systems, windows and doors, town-owned vehicles, waste management, heating, and active transportation.
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    Zoning Bylaw Amendment on Renewable Energy Production and Distribution (2008)

    The City of Toronto Bylaw 218-2008 is a zoning bylaw amendment to permit the use of renewable energy and cogeneration devices in all zones and the distribution of energy produced. The bylaw details requirements for the location and use of renewable energy devices on city properties.
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    Municipal Sustainable Building Policy C106 (2007)

    The Town of Banff Municipal Sustainable Building Policy C106 will enable the town to require all new municipal buildings to meet or exceed LEED® Silver certification.
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    Sustainable Design and Construction Policy (2007)

    The Town of Richmond Hill Sustainable Design and Construction Policy requires all new town facilities over 500 square metres to achieve a minimum LEED® Silver certification. The policy also encourages major retrofit and renovation projects, and new projects smaller than 500 square metres, to achieve the same certification. The town aims to achieve LEED Silver certification for its Oak Ridges Community Centre and Park, expected to open in fall 2011.
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    Green Building Policy (2005)

    The City of Ottawa Green Building Policy for the Construction of Corporate Buildings requires all new construction with a footprint of greater than 500 square metres to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification and encourages all retrofit and renovation projects to apply sustainable design principles. The policy aims to align the design, construction and operation of municipal buildings with commitments made in the Ottawa 20/20 Environmental Strategy.
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    Light Pollution Bylaw, No. 63-95 (1995)

    The Town of Richmond Hill Light Pollution Bylaw No. 63-95 regulates the installation, illumination levels, hours of operation, and replacement of existing outdoor lighting fixtures and more. The bylaw ensures a comfortable, safe, and well-lit public and private realm for the town.