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Green Municipal Fund

Eligibility: Green Municipal Fund

FCM's Green Municipal Fund (GMF) provides funding for plans, feasibility studies, pilot projects and capital projects. Learn more about who is eligible for funding and which initiatives and sectors are funded.

Eligible initiatives

Learn which projects are eligible for funding in the following focus areas:

Who is eligible?

GMF funding is available to all municipal governments and their partners in eligible projects. 

For plans, only municipal governments and municipally owned corporations working in partnership with a municipal government are eligible for funding.

Municipal government applicants include these entities:

  • city
  • county
  • region
  • rural municipality
  • town
  • township
  • village
  • improvement district (if legal documents demonstrating it is this type of municipal government entity are provided to FCM)
  • local board of a city, county, region, rural municipality, town, township or village (if legal documents demonstrating it is this type of municipal government entity are provided to FCM)
  • regulatory authority in an unorganized area or unsurveyed territory that exercises power with respect to municipal affairs or purposes in the area or territory, e.g. governmental, administrative or regulatory entity, department, authority, local services board, commission, tribunal official or agency (if legal documents demonstrating it is this type of municipal government entity are provided to FCM)
  • First Nations (if documents, including a copy of the relevant statute and agreement with the various orders of government, demonstrating that the province or territory has passed an act or a regulation that affords the status of municipality, and that the First Nations are a legal entity capable of entering into contracts is provided to FCM) 

Partners of municipal governments include the following types of entities:

  • municipally owned organizations
  • non-municipally owned organizations
  • private-sector companies
  • not-for-profit companies
  • non-governmental organizations
  • any other types of organizations not listed above

There must be a collaborative relationship between your organization and the municipal government regarding the environmental initiative, and the municipal government must at least have a genuine interest and an active involvement in the environmental initiative to successfully obtain GMF funding.

To be eligible for funding, a municipally owned corporation or a private-sector partner must provide official documentation to demonstrate that a municipal government is championing the project.

Eligible initiatives 

We fund the very best examples of leadership and innovative approaches in municipal sustainable development. GMF funding is available for:

  • plans, including sustainable neighbourhood action plans and community brownfield action plans
  • feasibility studies and pilot projects in the brownfields, energy, waste and water sectors
  • capital projects in the brownfields, energy, transportation, waste and water sectors

Apply for funding

See the Application Resources page to find the application forms and other resources you need to apply.

Learn more about GMF's application and approval processes.


We're here to help! See our FAQs, or contact an FCM advisor at 613-907-6208 or 1-877-997-9926 

Page Updated: 15/03/2017