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Green Municipal Fund

FAQs: Applications, Eligibility and Financing

When can I apply for funding?

You can apply year-round for brownfield capital projects, as well as for all plans, studies and pilot projects. Capital projects for waste, water, energy and transportation are subject to deadlines. Learn more.  

How can I find out whether my initiative is eligible?

The easiest and fastest way to determine whether you and your initiative are eligible for funding is to contact an FCM advisor. Applicants with capital projects in the energy, transportation, waste and water sectors must complete an initial review form. GMF staff will assess your project's eligibility prior to providing a complete funding application form. Brownfield capital projects are exempt from the initial review process.

Who is eligible for GMF funding?

GMF funding is available to municipal governments and their partners in eligible projects. For more information, see Eligibility.

Can we start our initiative before our funding application is approved?

Yes, but any costs you incur will only be eligible for GMF reimbursement as of the date we receive your complete application if your initiative is approved for funding.

What costs are eligible and when do they become eligible?

If your application is approved, costs become eligible as of the date that we receive your complete application. Costs incurred to hire a consultant to prepare the application form are also eligible up to 90 days before the date we receive your application. Eligible costs are partially reimbursed.

Please see our eligible and ineligible costs for plans, feasibility studiespilot projects and capital projects. Contact us for more details about our eligible cost dates and reimbursement procedures.

Are GMF funds considered federal funds? Can they be combined with federal contributions?

GMF funds are not considered federal funds, they are considered municipal funds. They can therefore be combined with federal funding in a jointly funded municipal project. However, when grants or contributions are committed by a Government of Canada program for engineering studies, audit studies or feasibility studies, these costs are not eligible for GMF funding.

Can we apply if our municipality has previously been approved for GMF funding?

Yes, as long as the funding request is for a different initiative. If your municipality has received funding for a similar type of initiative in the past five years, you must clearly demonstrate how your proposal will generate new knowledge and lessons learned compared to the previous initiative.

Page Updated: 26/04/2018