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Green Municipal Fund

Feasibility studies funding: Green Municipal Fund

FCM's Green Municipal Fund (GMF) provides funding to municipalities for feasibility studies to support the development of sustainable green projects.

Eligible feasibility studies

Your feasibility study must align with the eligibility criteria in one of the following areas.

Learn more about eligibility, who can apply, available funding and how to apply for:

About feasibility studies

A feasibility study assesses the technical and financial feasibility, as well as the environmental, social, and economic impacts of a potential municipal environmental project. A municipal environmental project responds to a municipal need and contributes to cleaner air, water, or soil. Typically, a feasibility study examines the requirements and outcomes of a specific project using verifiable evaluation processes, leading to a recommended course of action.

Feasibility studies are important prerequisites for all GMF pilot project and capital project applications.

At a minimum, your feasibility study must include:

  • Baseline information on current environmental performance.
  • A technical explanation of how the proposed project will meet or exceed the GMF environmental eligibility criteria.

To optimize your study's effectiveness, be sure to:

  • Include contextual details for various project options.
  • Describe the selection criteria and models that support expected environmental performance.
  • Assess operational and maintenance costs.
  • Describe key project risks, propose solutions and offer risk management recommendations.
  • Draft a project schedule.
  • Produce a life-cycle analysis.
  • Propose a financial plan.

For brownfield initiatives, Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments (or equivalent assessments, as required in your province or territory) and site-specific remedial action plans or risk management plans are considered feasibility studies. 

Prerequisites for feasibility studies

You will need to meet key prerequisites for a feasibility study before you apply.


See our FAQs, or contact an FCM advisor at 1-877-997-9926 or by email for more information. 

Page Updated: 24/07/2018