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Green Municipal Fund

Pilot projects funding: Green Municipal Fund

FCM's Green Municipal Fund (GMF) provides funding to Canadian municipalities for pilot projects to support the development of sustainable green projects.

Eligible pilot projects

Your pilot project must align with the eligibility criteria in one of the following areas.

Learn more about eligibility, who can apply, available funding and how to apply for:

About pilot projects

A pilot project allows for an evaluation of a new technology or solution under its expected operating conditions. It assesses technical and financial feasibility using a verifiable monitoring and evaluation process, and it examines the environmental, social and economic performance of a potential full-scale implementation. Typically, a pilot project minimizes capital costs and is geared toward the development of a permanent installation, should the pilot succeed.

Baseline data collection is not eligible as a stand-alone initiative (e.g. energy audits, waste audits).

Prerequisites for pilot projects

You will need to meet key prerequisites for a pilot project before you apply.


See our FAQs, or contact an FCM advisor at 1-877-997-9926 or by email for more information.

Page Updated: 24/07/2018