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Green Municipal Fund

Plans funding: Green Municipal Fund

We provide funding for municipal plans that support sustainable community development. 

Our research indicates that most municipalities have already completed some form of municipal sustainable community plan or strategy. 

We strive to help municipalities progress further in meeting their sustainability goals by funding action-oriented plans that build on previously completed sustainable community plans or strategies.

Eligible plans

The following plans are eligible for funding:

  • Sustainable neighbourhood action plans
  • Community brownfield action plans

Learn more about eligibility, who can apply, funding available and how to apply.

Changes to funding for GHG reduction plans

Starting in February 2017, apply for funding for GHG reduction plans through FCM's new Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program.


Contact an FCM advisor at 613-907-6208 or 1-877-997-9926.

Page Updated: 06/04/2018