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Building resilient and sustainable communities

Since 1987, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities has been an active partner in strengthening the effectiveness and focus of Canada's international aid in more than 50 countries.

Thanks to our partner provincial and territorial associations, municipalities, and municipal experts, thousands of men and women around the world have seen their daily lives changed for the better through improved services, greater participation in the civic life of their community, increased local economic development and disaster reconstruction assistance.   

Municipalities play a leading role in Canada's international development efforts. The successes we achieve and the people we help demonstrate without a doubt that we are stronger together.

Watch this video series to learn more about what we do

  • Video

    Communities Helping Communities

    Watch this first installment of our seven-part video series celebrating FCM International's 25 years of working with local governments overseas.
  • Video

    Waste Management

    In this second installment of our video series highlighting 25 years of local government development cooperation, Canadian municipal experts lend a hand to partner municipalities in Nicaragua and Sri Lanka dealing with waste management challenges.
  • Video

    Local Governance and Municipal Operations

    Canadian volunteers work with overseas partners to improve municipal operations such as tax collection, land-use planning and budgeting of public finances, helping make local governments more effective and encouraging citizen participation in setting community priorities.
  • Video

    Women and Local Governance

    FCM and its partner local government associations are working to increase women’s participation in local governments, in Canada and in numerous countries overseas as part of a critical strategy for change.
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    Local Economic Development

    FCM International programs help partner municipalities boost economic development by increasing their capacity to manage public affairs, attract and retain investment and encourage new business ventures.
  • Video

    Engaging in Municipal Cooperation

    Overseas partner communities are not the only ones benefiting from FCM International programs. Canadian municipalities also reap rewards from assisting their international partners.
Page Updated: 21/12/2015