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Reports and Toolkits

Get more information about our work to improve gender equality and receive practical guidance on implementing best practices in your initiatives.

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    Gender equality issues in local economic development in Ukraine

    Policy Brief: Insights from Ukraine. Learn what is meant by 'gender equality' with regard to local economic development and identifies concrete starting points to address this fundamental development issue.  Also available in Spanish.
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    Desk Review on The Governance and Structure of Local Government Associations – Final Report

    This Desk Review has been prepared for the National League of Communes/Sangkats of Cambodia (NLC/S), under the UNDP administered project of Democratic and Decentralized Local Governance project (DDLG). Its purpose is to provide a comparison between a number of Local Government Associations (LGAs) representing single-tier and multi-tier local governments to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the various models, including from the perspective of local governments (members), Central Government and other stakeholders (citizens, political parties, civil society, other LGAs, etc.). The most important aspect of the desk review comprises the comparison and analysis of the structure, systems and procedures of various LGAs around the world. Also available in Vietnamese.
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    Promoting good local governance: Tools to support environmental sustainability, gender equality and social cohesion

    This booklet has been developed to support the implementation of tools and resources to promote strong, effective and accountable municipal government. Also available in Indonesian and Vietnamese.
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    A City Tailored to Women: The Role of Municipal Governments in Achieving Gender Equality

    Women are not as actively involved in municipal politics, even though they are speci?cally affected by decisions that concern their socio-economic condition, including housing, the balance between work and family responsibilities, safety, transportation, health and education.
Page Updated: 01/05/2018